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We partner with Haitian farmers to jointly establish cooperatives, modernize farms, and restore ecosystems, so they become autonomous, self-sufficient, and able to sustainably grow and prosper.   


A hunger-free Haiti supplied by thriving Haitian farming communities producing crops sustainably.

We Helped Haiti in 2010, We Are

Helping Haiti Now

2010 Haiti Earthquake, January 12th

2021 Haiti Earthquake, August 14th


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Please donate today to help those who are in great and urgent need.  



Haiti’s food shortages – triggered by draughts, social unrest, flooding, epidemics, extreme poverty, and lack of a cohesive governmental support  – have been recurring over decades. The international response is to send large quantities of food by plane for countrywide distribution.

Sending food alleviates some of the immediate problems, but it also destroys long-term local food production. It perpetuates a cycle stuck in a continuous loop of food emergencies and international responses.

Instead, Haitian farmers need a ten-year, nationwide, effective development plan that increases farmers’ capacity to feed the country and respond to food shortages.  Eventually, farmers will be able to altogether prevent food emergencies in Haiti.

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Let’s do it right, do it now, be impactful, and support smallholder Haitian farmers so they and their families can feed Haiti and emerge from poverty.

Your Support is Vital

What if five year-old Kenel, eight years old Roseline, and twelve years old Nadia wouldn’t spend five hours a day carrying water, instead of going to school? With your support we can build rainwater catchment systems to free the children from this chore and send them to school instead.

What if hundreds of farmers could organize themselves into agricultural cooperatives so they can improve their productivity, sell more crops, earn more money, and be able to better care for their families. With your support the first of the five planned regional co-ops just opened its doors.

When you invest in small-scale farming families, you change their lives for the better and forever. 

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From the bottom of our hearts, Thank You, and Keep Safe.