“…the fierce
urgency of Now”
—Martin Luther King, Jr.
Preeminent Leader
of the civil rights movement
Recipient of the
1964 Nobel Peace Prize

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Our Mission

To break the cycle of poverty by building thriving and self-sustainable communities where the need is the greatest through a holistic, four-pillar development approach based on

  • economic growth in the region
  • education
  • healthcare
  • environmental stewardship

And, to be guided in our work by values of social justice, economic parity, gender equality, shared know-how, and mutual respect.

What Motivates Us

Our work is founded on the knowledge that we are one world in which all of us depend on one another other for survival, security and how we shape our future no matter where we live, or the present state of our economy, educational system and technology. And, it is based on our profound belief that, as individuals and nations, we are indebted to each other to use our strengths, know-how and technologies to transform communities in need so that they can thrive and become major contributors on the global scene in international trade, environmental conservation, cultural exchange and innovation.