We partner with Haiti’s marginalized rural communities to establish farmer-owned agricultural cooperatives to increase food production, employment, and prosperity. We believe Haitian farmers can feed Haiti.

     Haitian smallholder farmers’ productivity can be exponentially increased. They need a consistent and solid investment in their capacity building, their agency and autonomy.  They can feed the country.

     This is why we advocate that when Haiti experiences a food crisis, the food for distribution to vulnerable families should be sourced from Haitian farmers. To fly food from the United States, as USAID just did, undermines the local economy and the already fragile Haitian food production. Buying food from Haitian farmers who live in extreme poverty, is to strengthen them. It can be done with proper planning, infrastructure investment, and adoption of technologies that make this possible. Get involved and advocate for Haitian farming families. Contact your elected officials and let them know that you support this movement; or contact us: (305) 444-0127 (landline); email: info@ecoworksinternational.org

Thank you!



Economic Development Based on Farmer's Equity

EWI News

  • The first of the five Talia Farms planned cooperatives is now functioning – Read under The Marre-Roseau Cooperative
  • The Goat Project Received important funding; we have identified a source in Haiti for improved breed goats. Our project is run by women. 
  • EWI is part of an international movement to transfer technology to smallholder coffee farmers through their cooperatives. The technology will significantly improve coffee farmers’ ability to obtain genetic authenticity certification of their seeds and seedlings, and provide traceability which will facilitate exports.
  • The new Marre-Roseau cooperative (CAMA) is exploring starting a coffee production to diversify its crops and add a revenue stream
  • EWI is a member of Haiti Takes Root; and Ayiti Vèt – Haitian organizations focusing on advancing environmental stewardship, information sharing, and advocacy.
  • Recently, USAID sent 2,000 metric tons of food to Haiti from the US by plane. Yes, Haiti is experiencing serious and prolonged social unrest and food shortages. But the solution is not to send food - but to establish a structure and process to buy food from Haitian farmers. It’s not easy but it’s possible and crucial. Sending food undermines Haitian farmers.
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Other News

  • The Annual NAAHP conference took place last week (National Alliance for the Advancement of Haitian Professionals). Excellent speakers, great energy and amazing networking. Don’t miss it next year.
  • Miami’s Little Haiti will soon have its own Rotary Club, congratulations to the initiators!


Your Support is Vital

What if five year-old Kenel, eight years old Roseline, and twelve years old Nadia wouldn’t spend five hours a day carrying water, instead of going to school? With your support we can build rainwater catchment systems to free the children from this chore and send them to school instead.

What if hundreds of farmers could organize themselves into agricultural cooperatives so they can improve their productivity, sell more crops, earn more money, and be able to better care for their families. With your support the first of the five planned regional co-ops just opened its doors.

When you invest in small-scale farming families, you change their lives for the better and forever. 

Thank you!