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Social Justice

Turning compassion into action is our foundational value

  • Social Justice____________________________________ 

Like with the principle of environmental remediation and stewardship, the concept of social justice permeates all EWI activities. The issues of fairness,  equality vs equity, inclusion, the necessity to express ones’ frustration and, at times, anger against discrimination and lopsided policies is vital, but needs to be constructive and nonviolent to be effective long-term.

  • Civics Education and Non-violence____________________

As in the United States, civics education has been abandoned in Haiti and this is one of the reasons that violence appears to many as the only way to resist abuse and disrespect from governmental policies and from “well connected” people who steal land.  Teaching civics and non-violence became a necessity which EWI had to address.   

  • Poverty and Hunger____________________________________

Ecoworks International’s purpose of reducing poverty and eradicating hunger is part of the social justice principle.  Poverty is manmade, and if we made it, we must undo it.  This is a moral and compassionate principle of our common humanity.