Ecoworks International Senior Professional Team

  • Henryka Manès, Founder and Executive Director

Henryka Manès founded EcoWorks International (EWI) in 2008 to work specifically in Haiti. She has been working with developing and middle income countries for close to 30 years.  Haiti is her 25th country.

Ms. Manès practices a multidisciplinary, long-term approach to breaking the cycle of poverty through economic growth (agriculture and entrepreneurship) and through strengthening communities to provide access to essential social services, and promote women’s equality and youth integration.  She has also directed disaster and post-war relief, reconstruction and refugee resettlement programs (Armenia, Former Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Somalia, Jamaica)

Although Ms. Manès spent her entire career in the nonprofit sector, she is committed to public private partnerships to use the best practice and methods of both the business and nonprofit sectors to break the cycle of poverty in the most effective and sustainable way.

She began her career at the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), the one-hundred-year old NGO that designs and implements programs helping both Jewish and non-Jewish communities around the world.  JDC is a $400 million annual budget organization that houses several think tanks in the field of social and community development to lead in innovation, efficiency and effectiveness.  Ms. Manès held several posts at JDC, including Director of the non-sectarian division during which time she led programs in Africa, Asia, East and Central Europe, the Middle East and South America; altogether she worked in 24 countries.

Ms. Manès was born in Poland, grew up in Paris, France, and came to the United States on a full scholarship to study at Macalester College. She graduated in three years, magna cum laude. She did her graduate work at the University of Minnesota in Art History and became a museum curator and art gallery owner, before becoming a specialist in international development. She speaks six languages.

  • Anthony Aruffo, Chief Financial Officer

As CFO, Anthony Aruffo is responsible for financial planning, budgetary projections, and modeling; establishing and maintaining efficient and effective finance and operating systems; participating in strategic planning and analyses; aligning the finance strategy with organizational goals and objectives; complying with regulations; protecting organization’s assets; and presenting to the Executive Director, the Board, donors and investors value and risk issues and solutions.

Mr. Aruffo holds an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin; and a BA in Biological Basis of Behavior and Philosophy.  He is the CFO of Oceangrown, Inc. an organic fertilizer company based in Fort Pierce, FL.  He has been with EWI since 2015.  He co-authored the Talia Farms Organics business plan with Henryka Manès.

  • EWI Haiti Team

Ralph Lapointe, former Mayor of the county of Ganthier (“Magistrat”) and currently Director of the Patrice Lumumba primary school. He has been working closely with EWI since early 2009.  He is highly respected and close to the local farming communities.
Jean-Charles Molière Louis, a resident of Ganthier, is a radio sports journalist, local activist and organizer.

EWI’s Partners

EWI Board of Directors

  • EWI’s oldest Haitian partner is the Commission on the Security and Development of the Border Territories, a multi-ministerial entity directed by Max Antoine.
  • Ralph Lapointe and Molière Louis recently founded LIGA (The Ligue for Initiative and Advancement of Ganthier). EWI partners with LIGA to implement Talia Farms and promote regional development.
  • EWI signed a cooperative agreement with the Agricultural Center in Bas Boen, Commune of Ganthier, to train its agricultural extension workers and farmers. Built and managed for three years by USAID WINNER, it now functions under the aegis of the Ministry of Agriculture. The Center has a training center, test farms, and a laboratory.

Marie-Florence Estimé is an economist and worked for over thirty years in senior posts at the prestigious Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Paris France. Her most senior post was Deputy Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship, SMEs and Local Development. The OECD is a 50-year old organization that provides a forum to 35 member countries to understand what drives economic growth and social and environmental change. It provides data, analysis and projections to help countries define their strategies, policies and practical implementation. The scope of OECD’s work ranges from agriculture to taxation and social well-being.  Ms. Estimé is the daughter of President Dumarsais Estimé, one of the most respected presidents in the history of modern Haiti.

Charles Frajlich is an entrepreneur in the textile industry and resides in Paris, France

Véronique Leclercq is an entrepreneur and experienced business, product and brand developer in various industries.  She has managed real estate development and asset acquisition, and led licensing and purchase agreements with technology companies in the payment industry.  She has worked at Visa International, London and Miami; Master Card, London; The Financial Times, London and private clients and family holding companies in Monaco.  She resides in Monaco.
Ms. Leclercq has volunteered at EWI since 2010 and has been a staunch supporter of our work.  She joined EWI’s Board of Directors in December, 2016.

Henryka Manès

See Above.

Avra Petrides is an actor, playwright, director and producer.  She is also the founder of The Bridge, Stage of the Arts, a performance company. Ms. Petrides worked with luminaries such as Elia Kazan and was in the original Broadway production of Edward Albee’s “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf”.  She resides in New York City.