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Environmental remediation and stewardship is integrated in all EWI projects.

Currently working on seasonal floods’ mitigation, redirecting the water towards the farmland to irrigate; regenerating the topsoil to improve the quality and quantity of produce; and create access to water.

Marre-Roseau has no water sources, except the rain. Many of the local children are responsible for going down to the ravine to fill containers with water and then climb back with filled containers – a journey that takes between 3 to 5 hours. It means that these children cannot attend school. Finding a solution to capture rainwater will them from this chore and instead enroll in school to improve their lives though education.

In 2021, EWI will be installing individual roof rainwater harvesting systems, and looking into broader solutions.

Being deforested at 98%, Haiti is prone to destructive floods. EWI and CAMA will use the coffee and cacao trees as an agroforestry project to reforest that part of the region’s watershed.