Ecoworks International


To foster sustainability, prosperity and self-reliance by bringing critical resources to Haiti’s farmers, entrepreneurs and communities.

Why We Exist:

We are a group of professionals, volunteers and donors who live in profound gratitude for all that was given to us and all that we have been able to achieve.  This compels us to help others, who need opportunities to achieve their goals, realize their aspirations and, in the process, gain the ability to lift themselves out of poverty and thrive.

Our Focus: Poverty

Poverty is manmade, so if human beings made it, human beings can and must strive to undo it.  We believe that with the right approach, programs and resources we can undo poverty one family and one region at a time. Only a three-way partnership can make this possible:



Henryka Manès is the Founder and Executive Director of Ecoworks International, established in 2008 to work in Haiti, where EWI has been present since 2009. EWI focuses on poverty alleviation through economic growth programs, reinforced by community empowerment and environmental remediation and stewardship. This holistic approach is the result of almost thirty years of working with developing and emerging economy countries around the globe in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and South America. Haiti is her 25th country.

Ms. Manès began her international development career at the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) the 104-year old NGO which is the overseas arm of the American Jewish community. The JDC, a $400 million annual budget organization has worked in 120 countries in the field of emergency rescue and refugee resettlement, economic, social and cultural community development and the preservation of cultural heritage of Jewish communities around the world. Ms. Manès worked at the JDC’s IDP division, the worldwide program for non-Jewish communities, where she rose through the ranks to become Director. Prior to that she was Assistant Curator in the Department of Photography at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Ms. Manès is also an entrepreneur and owned a contemporary art gallery in New York City and, before that, was involved in her family’s textile enterprise in Paris, France, where she grew-up. She came to the United States on a full scholarship from Macalester College St. Paul MN, where she obtained her BA, Magna Cum Laude, in Art History. She did her post graduate studies at Tel-Aviv University in pre-Biblical History and Archeology and continued her graduate work at the University of Minnesota.  She is the recipient of the Tikkun Olam Award for her work in Haiti.  She resides in Miami, Florida.

Anthony Aruffo, Chief Financial Officer, is responsible for financial planning, budgetary projections, and modeling; establishing and maintaining efficient and effective finance and operating systems; participating in strategic planning and analyses; aligning the finance strategy with organizational goals and objectives; complying with regulations; protecting organization’s assets; and presenting to the Executive Director, the Board, donors and investors value and risk issues and solutions. Mr. Aruffo holds an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin; and a BA in Biological Basis of Behavior and Philosophy.  He is the CFO of Oceangrown, Inc. an organic fertilizer company based in Fort Pierce, FL.  He has been with EWI since 2015.  He co-authored the Talia Farms Organics business plan with Henryka Manès.

Chaney Block, CPA is responsible for all financial reporting and compliance.

Maggie Block, provides Legal and Financial Services to Non-Profits in South Florida.    She received a Master in Law in Intercultural Human Rights and a Juris Doctorate from St. Thomas University, Florida.  She worked with the homeless, children with disabilities, survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking.  She practiced law as a staff attorney advocating for children’s rights with Guardian ad Litem.  She helps start up non-profits with corporate needs and works with her partner to provide comprehensive legal and financial services.


Véronique Leclercq, Chairwoman, is an entrepreneur and experienced business, product and brand developer in various industries. She has managed real estate development and asset acquisition and led licensing and purchase agreements with technology companies in the payment industry. She has worked at Visa International, London and Miami; Master Card, London; The Financial Times, London and private clients and family holding companies in Monaco. She resides in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Marie-Florence Estimé, Strategic Planning, is an economist and held for over thirty years senior posts at the prestigious Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Paris France. Her last post was Deputy Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship, SMEs and Local Development. The OECD is a 50-year old organization that provides a forum to 35 member-countries to understand what drives economic growth and social and environmental change. It provides data, analysis and projections to help countries define their strategies, policies and practical implementation. The scope of OECD’s work ranges from agriculture to taxation and social well-being. Ms. Estimé is the daughter of President Dumarsais Estimé, one of the most respected presidents in the history of Haiti. She resides in Paris, France.

Deanne Butchey, Treasurer.   Professor Butchey holds a PhD in Business Administration and has been teaching at Florida International University (FIU) for more than ten years. She teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses in areas of financial markets, financial management and corporate finance. She authored and co-authored more than thirty publications covering Stock Market and Trader Behavior, Contagion (International Finance), Insurance and Risk Mitigation Issues, Pedagogical Research in Corporate Finance, International Finance, and Commercial Banking, and Corporate Social Responsibility. Dr. Butchey is the recipient of numerous awards recognizing her leadership and academic excellence. Prior to that, she held senior posts in the private banking industry. Dr. Butchey resides in Greater Miami, Florida.

Charles Frajlich, Member is an entrepreneur in the textile industry and resides in Paris, France

Henryka Manès, Secretary,  (See Above)

Avra Petrides, Member, is an actor, playwright, director and producer. Ms. Petrides worked with luminaries such as Elia Kazan and was in the original Broadway production of Edward Albee’s “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf”. She is the founder of The Bridge, Stage of the Arts, a theater performance company. She resides in New York City.