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Currently working on seasonal floods’ mitigation, redirecting the water towards the farmland to irrigate; regenerating the topsoil to improve the quality and quantity of produce;  and create access to water.  

Marre-Roseau has no water sources, except the rain.  Many of the local children are responsible for going down to the ravine to fill containers with water and then climb back with filled containers – a journey that takes between 3 to 5 hours. It means that these children cannot attend school.  Finding a solution to capture rainwater will them from this chore and instead enroll in school to improve their lives though education. 

In 2021, EWI will be installing individual roof rainwater harvesting systems, and looking into broader solutions. 

Being deforested at 98%, Haiti is prone to destructive floods.  EWI and CAMA will use the coffee and cacao trees as an agroforestry project to reforest that part of the region’s watershed. 


  • The Patrice Lumumba School____________________  

For the past ten years, EWI has been supporting the Patrice Lumumba School in Ganthier.  This community-based primary, middle, and junior high school provides quality education to all children, regardless of their ability to pay. The school also accept students who have aged out of the educational system but want a second chance at education. 

EWI has provided financial and practical resources to construct the school’s building, later, helped to build the wall around it to keep the children safe; and regularly provides books in Creole for children learning how to read. 

  • Civics Course________________________________


EWI’s Executive Director and the Patrice Lumumba school’s Director collaborated on a civics course to teach children how to be responsible citizens, what is a democratic form of governance, and how to make their voices heard, without ever resorting to violence.  Students conduct elections, learn how to disagree while respecting others’ points of view; and how to better understand their form of government. All participants receive a Certificate of Completion. The course is now taught in three local schools and, once security is restored, it will be taught in schools beyond Ganthier. 

  • School Lunches_______________________________

 Due to terrorizing violence, social unrest, the pandemic, and poor governance, the Haitian economy is in tatters. For the first time since the school’s inception, children came to school hungry. Parents simply didn’t have enough money to feed them. Thanks to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) War on Hunger Group, Paris France, EWI received funding to establish an emergency lunch program. As of January 2021, the program feeds each day 180 children and the school’s staff. 

  • Literacy_____________________________________________

 EWI provided a literacy course based on the Alfalit method to 40 rural women.  The ages ranged from 20 to 70 years old. All completed the course and wrote beautiful thank you note, which we treasure.  One fifty-year old participating woman said that “learning how to read and write is like moving from imprisoning darkness into the light”. 

EWI will repeat this course, this time with both men and women participating. Men have complained about being excluded. EWI conducted an open discussion with them to ask how it felt to have been excluded.  The general consensus was that it was not fair or pleasant. From then on, the women’s equity rule has been much easier to implement.