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EcoWorks International

EcoWorks International (EWI) is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization founded in 2008 to confront persistent poverty with effective, efficient and sustainable solutions designed to meet the needs of the individual, the family and the community we work with. We use a comprehensive approach that combines a dynamic economic growth program with access to essential social infrastructure such as healthcare, education, empowerment of women and youth, and the remediation and preservation of natural resources such as water, topsoil, and the natural habitat of plants and wild creatures.

Our Mission

To eradicate poverty and build flourishing communities that rest upon three pillars: People, Planet & Prosperity.

Our Goal

is to establish strong, permanent and comprehensive programs with the necessary infrastructure to provide training, tools, and opportunities to enable those who are impoverished to lift themselves out of poverty. We use the best practice and technologies from the nonprofit and for-profit sectors to achieve best results.

Our work centers on organic agriculture, food production, capacity building and economic opportunities for small-scale, subsistence farmers.

Our aim is to help create in Haiti vibrant regional communities that anchor the rural populations in their places of residence and stem outmigration towards overpopulated and economically depressed urban areas. A better standard of living strengthens economic growth, and can act as a magnet to attract much needed professional residents (teachers, doctors, nurses, entrepreneurs, etc.) to further enrich and diversify regional life.

Senior Staff

  • Founder and Executive Director

Henryka Manès

Ms. Manès is a multidisciplinary specialist in poverty alleviation through the practice of a holistic approach that combines strong job creation and economic growth with social infrastructure, programs and national policies. She entered the international development field more than 25 years ago and worked all over the world. Haiti is her 25th country.

In addition to her long-term development work, she also directed natural disaster and post war relief, reconstruction and refugee resettlement programs in Rwanda, Somali, Armenia, former Yugoslavia, and Haiti.

In 2008 she founded Ecoworks International and chose to work in Haiti as of 2009. The goal was to devise a long-term, comprehensive socio-economic development program to address poverty in the Lake Azueï region.

That work was interrupted when the 2010 earthquake devastated the country. Being already on the ground, EWI team responded immediately and provided urgently needed emergency medical, physical rehabilitation feeding and resettlement programs. Later, the team worked with IDPs (internally displaced persons) and on the government’s commissioned urban development and reconstruction plan for the capital, Port-au-Prince, directed and executed by the Prince Charles Foundation U.K and the U.S –based, world-renowned, DPZ urban planning and architectural firm.

She and her team resumed working on the long-term development program, Talia Farms, in 2014 and the related business plan was completed in December 2014. When the main financing is in place, Ms. Manès will move to live in Haiti full time for at least two years to oversee its implementation. Talia Farms will serve 2,000 impoverished farming families or 10,000 individuals.

Talia Farms’ development phase is coordinated in Haiti by Ralph Lapointe, the former mayor (Magistrat) of the Commune of Ganthier and high school professor of French literature. Mr. Lapointe is very close to and highly respected by the regional farmers.

Board of Directors

  • Marie-Florence Estimé
    Former Deputy Director, Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs and Local Development at Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Paris, France
  • Charles Frajlich

Entrepreneur, textile industry, Paris, France

  • Henryka Manès

Miami, Florida

  • Avra Petrides

Film and theater actress, playwright and producer

New York City, New York

Former Members, EWI Board of Directors

  • Hon. Leslie Alexander
    Former U.S. ambassador to several countries, including Ecuador, and former Chief of Mission in Haiti. Presently lecturer at the Graduate School of Economics & Management, Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Czech Republic
  • Ben Butler
    Independent Advisory and Investment – Retail and Restaurants
    Former President, Long John Silver’s and A&W restaurant brands, a division of YUM Brands. Previously he was General Manager, YUM! Brands Latin America division. USA
  • Susan Menendez, Educator, Former Montessori School Founder and Director, Miami, FL
  • Eugene Rostov, Esq., Legal Affairs E. Rostov & Associates; Miami, FL

EWI Advisory Board

  • Shahzad Khokhar, Founder & CEO of Cloudforce; New York City, NY
  • Alberto Senderey, International Expert & Manager of organizations and foundations in community building, innovation & change management; Barcelona, Spain
  • Claire Young, International Art Dealer; Paris, France
  • Dr. Deanne Butchey,

Deanne Butchey is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Finance at Florida International University (FIU) and holds a PhD in Finance. She teaches financial markets analysis, commercial banking, corporate finance, and financial management. In her Financial Markets and Institutions course her students volunteer to teach financial literacy skills to high school students, recent immigrants, homeless residents, and other disenfranchised individuals. Before joining FIU, she was an investment banker in the private sector.

In Memoriam

  • Aryeh Cooperstock
    Urban Planner, political advisor and speech writer for Canada’s Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau, Aryeh was the Co-Founder (with Ralph Goldman) and Executive Director of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee’s International Development Program (JDC-IDP). That division was responsible for all, worldwide non-sectarian programs.

Prior to joining JDC, and working with Pierre Trudeau, Aryeh worked with the World Bank and the United Nation’s Development Program (UNDP). He was Ms. Manès’s mentor and role model.

  • Jerry Jacobsen
    Jerry served in President Carter’s Department of Treasury and prior to that held a senior post at the Bendix Corporation. He was passionate about international relations and was a long- standing member of the Council on Foreign Affairs. He helped guide and fund the first steps of EcoWorks International.

Contact Us

E-mail: info@ecoworksinternational.org
Phone: (305) 444-0127
Post mail: EcoWorks International, P.O. Box 14-0536 Coral Gables, FL 33114-0536 U.S.A.