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About Us


“My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together.”                                         Desmond Tutu

Ecoworks International (EWI), is a nonprofit, tax-exempt, organization dedicated to bringing practical and effective solutions to Haiti’s rural communities struggling to overcome their deeply entrenched poverty, depleted soil, massive deforestation, the effects of climate change, and a perennial lack of support.

Our programs are based on smallholder farmers’ expressed needs and aspirations, their agricultural practices and communities’ necessities, combined with our expertise in sustainable agricultural methods, new technologies, and the requirement to simultaneously work on economic and social development to achieve lasting progress.

We provide extensive training, support, and resources so our partner-farmers acquire new skills and increase their capacities to reach high levels of competency, capacity, autonomy, and earnings.

Our projects advance according to farmers’ readiness to take the next steps.

As farmers’ progress, they assume increasingly more responsibilities and take over the ownership and management of institutions and projects we build together.

This is how the community of Marre-Roseau, whose members never heard of an agricultural cooperative, two years later they actually own one.


Our Mission

We partner with Haitian farmers to jointly establish cooperatives, modernize farms, and restore ecosystems so they become sustainably autonomous, self-sufficient, and prosperous. 

Our Vision

To be a force in restoring Haiti’s capacity to feed itself.


Our Values

  • Commitment

We are committed to our mission, our principles and values, and to the members of the communities we partner with whose lives we touch which, we fully recognize, is an awesome responsibility.

  • Stewardship

We are careful and responsible managers of the natural, built and human resources entrusted in our care.  Our stewardship extends to our programs, our environment, the donations we receive, our reputation, and the good will of our respective communities.

  • Equity and Social Justice

The Haitian farmers we work with are not only our stakeholders – they are our partners. Through generations, they have been denied equity and social justice, which is why our programs focus on their ability to achieve autonomy, self-sufficiency and sustainability. Our success hinges upon their capacity to increase their wealth, strengthen their voices, and leave a legacy to the next generation.

  • Sustainability

We consider sustainability to be an integral component of all our endeavors , whether we focus on the economic, social, community, or environmental aspect of our work.

  • Excellence, Innovation, Competitiveness

Deliver the highest quality programs by transferring knowledge and know-how, inspire imagination and innovation, and bring new technologies to leapfrog our farming communities into the era of modern practices. Strengthen our partner-farmers’ ability to compete on the domestic and international markets.