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In June, EcoWorks International invited Natasha Tsakos and Lucky Bruno, both performance artists, clowns and dream poets, to bring spontaneous theater to children of Haiti – those living in street camps, attending schools and healing in hospitals – so that they will reconnect with their childhood after seeing and living through the unimaginable.  Most of all we brought them so we could hear children laugh, a sound absent since January 12th.  It is in that laughter that we recognize hope.

This program, called “Reaching for the Stars”, will continue and next time along Natasha and Lucky, we will bring young musicians who will play a varied repertoire from classical music to hip hop.


Henryka Manès

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EcoWorks Program: Reaching for the Stars; Performance artists and clowns, Natasha Tsakos; and Lucky Bruno entertaining children in temporary quarters of a school that was leveled. June 22, 2010.

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Dear Henryka,

Where to start, if this is only the beginning…?

First, amongst this short yet intense wave of emotions, and bursts of energy, I never got to say: Thank you.

Thank you for allowing us to be part of your endeavors, and mission in Haiti. It was simply overwhelming, with both hope and of course the reality that is.

Most certainly a life changing, thought provoking, heartwarming experience; Short lived, with such intensity, that from the moment we boarded the plane, the moment the breath exhaled; Nothing made much sense…. Almost like the whirlwind was unrolling itself and suddenly all the sensations, and moments lived were finally finding their space and time to bloom inside- assimilating the noise, the silliness, the laughter, the sadness, the smiles, the bubbles, the hops, the hugs…. the Kids. (……..)

– Natasha Tsakos

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EcoWorks Program: Reaching for the Stars; Performance artist and clown, Lucky Bruno at Place Boyer makeshift Street Camp entertaining children. June 19, 2010